Scenic Helicopter Tours: 4 Things to Consider

Posted on: 17 August 2017

There is no better way to view a magnificent city such as Sydney than from the air. Imagine swooping down over the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House before heading out on a flight over the magnificent coastline. If you are planning a helicopter tour of Sydney and you want it to be a success, you should consider the following things.

Weight Limits

Helicopters are built with a certain weight limit in mind. When calculating the safe weight of any flight, the combined weight of all passengers is what is taken into account. If any of your sightseeing group is extremely overweight, you may be required to purchase two seats on the tour, which could lower the number of places available on the tour. You should enquire about weight limits when you book your helicopter tour.

Alcohol Restrictions

While a pre-flight drink can be a great way to calm any nerves, you also need to be aware that many helicopter tour companies will refuse to accept a person who is visibly drunk as a passenger on one of their flights. This is because a drunk person could act in a way which could compromise the safety of everyone on the helicopter. 

Bad Weather Protocol

If you are unable to fly due to low cloud, fog or other adverse weather conditions, your flight may be cancelled. If you are a tourist, you may have a limited timeframe in which to take your scenic flight. When booking, you should check the bad weather protocol for the helicopter tour company. The majority of helicopter tour companies will offer you a full refund if they cannot fly you within an agreed time, or else they will rearrange your flight for another day when the weather has improved.

Motion Sickness

Turbulence and vibrations of the engine can make being in a helicopter feel more like being on a roller coaster. While any discomfort should be short lived, you should be aware of the impact of motion sickness. Check with the members of your tour group to establish if anyone has a history of motion sickness. If you identify that someone suffers from motion sickness, you should ensure they are sat in a forward-facing seat, as this can help to reduce its severity. You should also make sure they have easy access to a sick bag.

If you would like further information about booking a scenic helicopter tour, you should contact a travel tour company today.


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