Let Your Imagination Fly Away with These 4 Flight-Themed Anniversary Ideas

Posted on: 5 June 2015

If you have a milestone wedding anniversary approaching then you may be thinking of a special treat for your spouse that goes beyond the usual red roses, chocolates, or jewellery. If your spouse doesn't have a fear of flying, then an air-bound adventure may be an exciting and extra special way to celebrate your anniversary. Here are four flight-themed ideas that you might like to consider.

1. A surprise charter flight

Nothing says luxury and indulgence like a flight in your own private airplane. You can try a charter flight or even a luxury private jet, depending on your budget. The flight could be to a special destination, with a gourmet meal waiting for you at the end. Or you can simply make the flight the whole affair, with a scenic flight over your local area including a delicious champagne lunch served on board.

2. A hot air balloon ride

For a peaceful and relaxing treat, a hot air balloon ride can't be beaten. Floating through the air while you sip champagne and nibble treats is a truly luxurious and romantic experience. Many hot air balloon companies offer sunrise or sunset balloon rides, which will make for a spectacular and memorable anniversary date.

3. A tandem sky-dive

If your spouse is a daredevil at heart, then nothing can rival the thrill of a sky-diving experience. No training is needed as you'll be harnessed on to a professional and highly experienced tandem skydiver who will take care of all the technical details. Age is no problem as long as you have no medical concerns such as heart problems. Make sure that you pay a little bit extra to get a video of the dive so that you can look back and relive the adventure.

4. A flight simulator

Flight simulators have come a long way from the old models found in video game arcades. Modern flight simulators are based on the same models that professional pilots use for training. Your spouse can choose the make and model of aircraft that they wish to fly, and also choose from many different airports to take off from and land in. With high definition display, these simulators create an incredibly real flying experience.

With a bit of planning, you will be able to treat your spouse to a once in a lifetime experience. So let your imagination take flight. The sky's the limit with these fun and fantastic flight-themed anniversary adventures. 


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