Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Trailer for Excavator Transportation

Posted on: 5 July 2019

Transporting an excavator to a location needs to be handled with enough care and restraint, and finding plant trailers suitable for the task is essential. While in essence, the job is to get an excavator from point A to point B, the market offers diverse variations of excavator trailers, and sorting through the numerous offerings may prove to be a daunting task. This article is aimed to make this task much easier by discussing in detail the top factors you need to consider when choosing a good trailer for excavator transportation. 


The efficiency of a plant trailer will be determined greatly by its dimensions. You will need to consider the sizes of the excavator being moved on a regular basis. This means that the trailer's length and width will need to accommodate the excavator, with the add-ons considered. For safety purposes, the excavator tracks should rest at least half of their width on the trailer bed. 

Braking System

There are two types of braking systems: the mechanical and electric systems. The main reason you need braking is that you will be moving heavy equipment, so safety is critical. It is therefore advisable that you get an electric braking system for efficiency, but your trailer should also be fitted with a mechanical override braking system to cater for any emergencies. This will ensure that there is safety as you operate the equipment.

Quality and Strength

Since excavator transportation involves the movement of the heavy and unusual size of equipment over long distances, the weight and depth of the plant trailer is of critical importance. This means that when choosing an excavator trailer, you will need to ensure that its weight is sufficient enough to carry the load while its depth consideration is to ensure the load will fit conveniently as to avoid sliding during movement. 

Excavator Loading Add-Ons

Trailers offer a variety of loading mechanisms for getting excavators on to the trailer bed. Since driving the excavator itself on to the trailer carriage requires considerable skill, further safety features for this process present themselves in the form of accessories and add-ons to make the process both safer and faster. An example of a safety loading add-on is a gooseneck. 

With these tips at hand, choosing a good trailer for excavator transportation should be an easy, if not enjoyable, task for you. This information is intended to help you make an informed choice that will lead to delivery success and safety of both human and cargo. 


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