Why Hire Charter a Bus for a Corporate Outing?

Posted on: 24 June 2015

When planning a corporate outing of any sort, you want to consider chartering a bus with a driver for the event. While you may be looking to cut all possible expenses, a bus charter is an investment in the overall safety of your staff, and can also add to the effectiveness of a seminar or conference. How so? Note the following.

1. Comfort of your staff

One way that a bus charter can help with the effectiveness of a seminar or conference is that it can add to the comfort of your staff. They don't need to worry about traffic, finding the right exit, and all the other hassles that go with being on the road on the way to the venue, and especially to an unfamiliar location. They can sit back and relax, and leave the driving to others. Some larger buses may even have a bathroom facility, so they also won't need to worry about finding a rest stop along the way.

All of this can mean that they arrive at the seminar or conference rested, refreshed, and ready to pay attention, versus tired and stressed from being on the road.

2. Safety of your staff

It's good to think about the safety of your staff if you're requiring them to be offsite. One point to consider is if there will be alcohol served or available during a meal at a conference or seminar. If so, it's better to have someone else driving everyone home even if the alcohol is enjoyed in moderation. If someone were to drink and drive and get into an accident, your company may be liable because of having the alcohol available.

Sitting through a long seminar can also make people very tired, and they may get sleepy behind the wheel after a long day. This too is a reason to consider leaving the driving to someone else for a corporate outing, to keep your staff safe.

3. Time to talk or work

Another way that chartering a bus can make a seminar or conference more effective is if the time on the road is used to prepare or review. Many buses that you charter come with DVD players, so you can play a presentation about the information that will be covered that day on the way to the seminar. Or, you might play something after the day's seminar is over so you can review the information learned.

Many buses also have Wi-Fi access so that staff members can log onto websites while on the road and again, review certain materials or information before or after the seminar or conference.

Learn more about the possibilities by contacting companies like Austwest Charters.


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