4 Tractor Extras That Will Help You Increase Safety, Productivity & Comfort

Posted on: 19 January 2016

Are you looking to make meaningful additions to your tractor? Well, if you are, you can incorporate a few extras that will not only make your tractor look good, but they will also improve your machine's functionality. Below, discover 4 tractor parts that are guaranteed to make your truck safer, more comfortable to use, and more productive for your farming needs.

Suspension seats

Over time, your default tractor seat is bound to wear and tear, making it less of a joy to work in. This can highly affect productivity and comfort, especially if you are to work on rough terrains that need tilling or harvesting. To change all that, think about swapping your old tractor seat for a new and improved suspension seat. This new seat, complete with added suspensions, will guarantee you added comfort even on the bumpiest stretches of your land. This will help reduce fatigue or injuries and allow you to work on your farm for extended periods.


If your tractor no longer has a canopy, or never had one to begin with, getting an aftermarket unit can be of great benefit. A canopy will shelter you from the harsh sun as well as rain, thus ensuring that you are able to continue with your work no matter what the weather is. This will allow you to work on your farm for longer while remaining relatively comfortable behind the wheel. Aftermarket canopies can easily be mounted onto ROP bars by either being bolted or attached using brackets.

Secondary lighting

As you well know, farm work sometimes demands that you put in extra hours to finish the task at hand. Additional lighting on your tractor can allow you to work after hours without posing a danger to yourself or your machinery. You can install incandescent or LED lights on the back and front to allow proper illumination in the dark. This way, you don't have to call it a day just because the sun has gone down.

ROP frames

Roll over protection frames (ROPs) are essential for low-design tractors that don't have a raised cabin or canopy. These bar frames are easily installed on the sides of your tractor. Once in place, they keep you from getting hurt should the tractor get into an accident and roll over. The bar frames provide some level of protection by keeping you from coming in to contact with the ground. In general, ROP frames keep you and the tractor's components safe. They also allow easy mounting of canopies for added comfort.

And there you have it. With only a few extra parts, you can make your tractor a more productive asset for your farm.

For more information and options, visit your local tractor supply store, such as Peninsula Truck Parts.


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