Explore Secrets Car Rental Companies May Not Want You To Know

Posted on: 25 May 2017

Getting the best car deals at the height of the vacation season may become tougher as the actual vacation days rapidly approach. Travel planning may be so frustrating especially when dealing with rental cars. They can dig deep into your pockets and leave you broke at the end of your vacation if you don't know the best steps to follow. From rental agencies, reward programmes, and preparing for your rental car, there are many ways you can learn expert tips car rental companies may not want you to know and save some bucks during your vacation. Consider these tips to help you grab the best deals when going for car hire services.

Research on Loyalty Reward programmes offered by Car Rental Agencies

Researching on the best car loyalty reward programmes within your state and joining one will save you a great deal. Being a member of at least one loyalty reward programme will give you an easy experience. You will be able to present any hire complaints and avoid cases of waiting in long queues.

If the agency of your choice is not ready to store your rental preferences, earn you reward points that can be redeemed, and guarantee availability of vehicles with at least two-hour notice, there is no good reason to join it. Observe these simple benefits to help make your corporate car hire experience better.

Inspect the Car with an Employee of the Hiring Agency

The hiring agency should have a car inspection form that should be signed by you before you leave. Before the contract is signed, take time with one of the agents to walk around the car and note any slight damages. This will limit any possibilities of being blamed for damages you might not be responsible for. In addition, contract agreement should clearly spell the lease amount and the period.

Maximise Coupons for Greater Savings

Look out for the best deals and coupons before setting out in search of your rental car. Additionally, check for discounts you may be awarded for having the status of a frequent flier with one of the affiliates of the rental car company. Coupon codes should also be combined to double on your savings.

Avoid Airport Locations

Off-airport locations are often cheaper than airport locations. Due to airport fees, vehicles at the airport location will always cost more to cover the transportation costs and the car rental agency's fee.

As a way of playing the system, make multiple reservations and go for the best since most of them can be canceled without penalty.


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