Why You Need to Have a Good Look at Road Transport Solutions for Your Operation

Posted on: 6 October 2017

There are many different options when it comes to transporting goods across a country as vast as Australia. If you need to consider these options carefully, you may be considering whether road transport is the solution for you. The good news is that the industry in question has taken a big step forward in recent years to ensure that they are competitive and have been driving better efficiency through lower costs and inspired solutions. As a consumer, what are some of these advancements and how could they be beneficial in helping you to make your choice?

Hybrid Solutions

The bigger transport companies have invested heavily in hybrid road trains, as they consolidate solutions. Now, these vehicles are powered by hybrid or fully electric drive trains, especially in urban locations. These vehicles are particularly efficient as they often make use of regenerative braking.

Equipment Improvements

When it comes to longer distances, companies are focusing a lot more on sophisticated manual transmissions and are also fitting tyres that are much more efficient than their predecessors. As a consequence, not only are these vehicles more emission-friendly, but they save a lot of fuel as well.

Tyres, in particular, have a number of different monitors attached to them to make sure that they are always correctly inflated. This may not sound very important, but even a tiny bit of under-inflation can lead to poor fuel consumption and a lot more drag. The more monitors and tools like this, the better, as it will enable the driver and operator to be a better manager and maintain a greater degree of accuracy.

Lighter and More Aerodynamic

The latest type of truck is fitted with many different aerodynamic aids, to help the vehicle achieve better fuel consumption. These will also work in tandem with the lightweight tractor and trailer combination of today. While manufacturers have been looking at the weight of the towing vehicle in particular for some time, they are now placing as much emphasis on the trailers as well. These are now made from much lighter materials, with a corresponding drop in operational costs.

Looking Out for Trouble

Finally, maintenance procedures will be front and centre in the road transport company of the future. These vehicles need to be on the road as much as possible, with downtime eliminated where it can be predicted. As the vehicles pay for themselves more efficiently, these savings are passed along to the consumer.

Better for You

All of these innovations and new procedures mean that road transport should certainly be on your radar when it comes to your shipping options.


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